SendOne Project

Total need
Amount funded
$0.00 Funded
Projected start date
January, 2019
Projected completion date
August, 2019
Project Coordinator(s)
Alex Kocman

What would it take to finish the Great Commission?

For every unreached people group, there are approximately 50 evangelical churches in the U.S. alone.* This means that if only 10% of churches in the U.S. send just one new missionary, every people group could be engaged.

The Great Commission was given to the local church—not to any other organization or nonprofit. But not every church has the capacity to train, send, and support a missionary. ABWE exists to equip the church for its mission. That’s why in 2019, we’re helping key churches SendOne​.

The SendOne campaign is designed to deliver pastors vital tools to help them commission more laborers for the harvest, including things like:

  • Components for building a weekend missions conference or a missions Sunday
  • Small group video teaching materials expounding God’s heart for the nations
  • Potential missionary assessment tools for elders, deacons, and missions committees
  • Churchwide access to ABWE’s 24-Hour DEMO, where 33% of attendees apply to serve overseas

We’ve identified more than 3,000 congregations that are ready to be resourced—churches who have never sent their own missionary. We’re pooling missions experts and local pastors to develop content that can effectively reach real people in the pews. We believe, Lord willing, these resources could help launch a tidal wave of new missions efforts.

But we can’t do it alone. We are praying God would provide $40,000 to help fund SendOne​ by December 31st and launch the initiative by August 2019.

Is God calling you to give?

* Based on 7,076 unreached people groups and an approximate 350,000 churches. Sources: Christianity Today, Sept. 14, 2017: “How Many Churches Does America Have? More Than Expected” and IMB Global Research (