Rohingya Refugee Relief

Total need
Amount funded
$117,604.00 Funded
Projected start date
October, 2017

Nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees—men, women, and children having endured massive physical and emotional trauma—are desperately fleeing Myanmar and being targeted by their predominately Buddhist government as they pour across the border into Bangladesh.

Many of these refugees need medical care to treat illnesses and injuries as severe as landmine and bullet wounds. While other humanitarian organizations are supplying aid to these refugees, only our partner NGO, Memorial Christian Hospital, is equipped and near enough to provide critical surgical care for these victims of physical trauma.

Just 70 miles from the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, a team of medical workers and nationals who staff Memorial Christian Hospital have been working 80-hour weeks all month, performing life-saving surgeries, repairing limbs, and treating malnutrition.

Truly we are humbled as God is bringing members of a Muslim people group to teammates who can minister to both their physical and spiritual needs through quality and compassionate medical care.

The MCH relief fund is used to help patients with their rehabilitation and cover the costs for skilled volunteers who come to assist at the hospital. Giving to this project will help the team at Memorial Christian Hospital care for these refugees, and other patients who are facing critical injuries, illness and trauma, in Bangladesh.

Will you help them?

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