Nicaragua Ministry Center Crisis

Total need
Projected start date
June, 2018

Not only does the Nicaragua Ministry Center empower pastors to start churches in their communities; it also invites communities in. More than 20,000 people from all walks of life came to the center just in the last year to discover and experience God through retreats, youth camps, trainings and seminars.

In 2017, over 8,000 youth and kids heard about God’s love and grace from ABWE missionaries and its ministry team, resulting in over 1,000 professions of faith in Christ. The center has also been instrumental in the training of over 75 youth leaders in dozens of local churches.

The Institute for Church Planters, a ministry arm of the center, has trained 88 Nicaraguan pastors and their wives in how to plant and grow local churches. Those efforts have resulted in over 50 churches planted throughout the country—extending the spiritual impact beyond those who come to the property.

But now, civil unrest is threatening these vibrant and effective ministries. Since April 19, 2018 many Nicaraguans have gathered in generally peaceful movements to protest the policies, and ultimately the authority, of the President and his government. Those movements have been met with violent reaction by the national police and groups of "Sandinista Youth". This socio-political crisis has spread throughout the country, worsening daily, and impacting every aspect of life in Nicaragua. As a result, many of the center’s camps and events—the main source of revenue for the ministry—have been canceled. More than $38,000 in revenue has been lost so far.

Without immediate funding, the faithful staff and the ministries that go on there are at risk of being lost.

We’re looking for donors to help sustain this vital ministry until the center can begin safely hosting events again. We want to be ready to minister to those looking for answers or peace that only God can bring them. Keeping our doors “open” with a minimal staff allows us to quickly launch back in to full-time ministry when the time comes.

Will you help us be ready?