MK Care Ministries

“I don’t want to learn a new language. I don’t want to make new friends. I don’t want to go to a new school. I don’t want to leave my home…”

This fear of the unknown, found in many children headed to the mission field with their parents, is why ABWE makes supporting missionaries a family affair.

“These kids are leaving everything they’ve known. They don’t know what this new life will look like,” ABWE missionary, Jim Cook said. “That adjustment phase is hard for both the parent and the child.”

Through the Global Gospel Fund, ABWE has created MK Ministries to support families through their journey to missions, offering educational and parenting resources, and training and services for missionary kids.

MK Care serves kids and adult MKs through community, discipling opportunities, and specialized trainings that help them on and off the field.

In the last year, MK ministries:

  • Served 650 MKs
  • Provided nearly every family in the mission with educational resources for their children
  • Hosted countless events to create connection and community for college-age MKs living in North America, away from their parents

We know that the success of a missionary’s ministry is not just dependent on their skill and preparation. When the entire family is supported, it means everyone is more successful at what they are doing.

You can help us care for our missionary kids and their families.

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