Member Care

Total need

He could see the signs of burnout all over their faces.

They were desperate for relief from the stress, and their marriage was suffering. On top of it all, medical issues had gone untreated, leaving them physically and emotionally distraught. After all the work they’d put toward becoming missionaries to bring hope to the world, they were the ones left feeling hopeless.

This scenario isn't uncommon. One of the greatest things missionaries need but often lack is a “safe space” to be vulnerable about the things they are facing behind the scenes, says Brad Winkler, Director of ABWE’s Member Care Department. “They need someone who will ask them the deep, probing questions, and care about how they’re really doing."

Member Care exists to serve our missionaries, by supporting their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

In the last year, we have had:

  • 7 visits to missionary field teams
  • 87 missionary kids who benefited from pastoral care
  • 136 missionaries who benefited from pastoral care

You can help care for missionaries in crisis with a gift to Member Care.

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