Kyiv Theological Seminary

Projected completion date
June, 2018

Kyiv Theological Seminary is an ABWE partner school that was founded in 1995, in response to the growing need for qualified ministers who were equipped and prepared for service in the evangelical churches located in the post-Soviet countries.

Since its founding, over 480 students have successfully gone through the KTS program and graduated. Hundreds of other Christians have also received different forms of training at the seminary. KTS graduates are currently ministering throughout Ukraine and the former Soviet Union as pastors, elders, teachers, youth ministers, church planters, chaplains, and missionaries.

A group of anonymous donors has committed $1 million dollars to a KTS matching grant program. This program gives KTS the very real potential to raise up to $2 million to help complete many projects that will help facilitate seminary growth and increase future ministry impact.

The funds raised will focus on the following list of priorities:

  1. To complete the clean-up, fencing, and landscaping at the rear of the seminary. This work is related to the previous building construction and eliminates seminary exposure to city fines.
  2. To purchase materials for future projects that must be brought inside before closing the building.
  3. To enclose the back of the seminary which was left open to allow for access during the original construction project. By completing the building exterior, KTS meets local codes and qualifies to receive heat from the city.
  4. To finish another dormitory and office block, giving more room to the vibrant Church Ministries Institute (founded by ABWE missionaries) and providing additional residential dorm rooms.
  5. To complete/modernize the kitchen and cafeteria, bringing it into compliance with local codes.
  6. To make overdue repairs on the main (original) building, fixing the roof and heating system.

All donations, received by the extended deadline of June 30, 2018, will be matched.