International Healthcare Ministries

When a meningitis outbreak in Togo threatened ABWE personnel serving there, missionaries with IHM quickly worked to get them vaccines. This was no small feat, but despite the many obstacles, the team managed to get the vaccines to Togo in a matter of days.

Through the Global Gospel Fund, International Healthcare Ministries (IHM) operates as a lifeline to missionaries serving around the world, keeping them healthy, recruiting staff, supplying our hospitals, and sharing the gospel through short-term trips and clinics.

In the last year:

  • 1,897 email, telephone and face-to-face medical diagnoses were processed at the International Headquarters
  • 8 short-term medical trips were taken
  • 2,500 people received care and heard the gospel on those trips
  • 2 containers brought needed supplies to our hospitals

Right now, many of these services are currently funded by the IHM missionaries themselves. Our goal is to be able to provide more resources to this invaluable ministry, so these missionaries can focus on ministry.

You can help us support the ministries of IHM.

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