Heart, Mind & Soul Development

It's no secret that many Christians often feel confusion, anger or intimidation towards Islam. For far too long, these attitudes have kept us from sharing the love of Jesus with Muslims.

We have found that building a relationship based on respect and love is a much more effective way of sharing the gospel than a heated debate. That's why our Muslim Ministries created the Heart, Mind, and Soul Seminar ­to help Christians understand how to engage their Muslim neighbors in redemptive relationships.

Will you help?

Heart, Mind & Soul Seminar has already helped several churches adjust attitudes and create action plans for reaching Muslims in their communities. Now, we're looking to develop additional Heart, Mind, and Soul Seminars to reach out to neighbors from other backgrounds.

We would like to develop four new seminars to help reach people groups such as Hindus, Buddhist, LGBT, and others. The cost to develop one seminar is $10,000, which provides for curriculum development, printing, and effectiveness testing. Your support will enable our team to train churches in how to reach those around them with the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.

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