Heart House

While women in South Asia lack basic rights, widows and disabled women are especially vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. As a result, many feel like begging is their only option for feeding their children.

That's why for more than 40 years, Heart House has been sharing the love of Christ with these women by teaching them sewing skills that they can use to provide for their families. More than 30 women currently work at Heart House, producing quilts, cultural dolls, and uniforms for a nearby hospital.


Recently, the local government closed down a large Christian school, and Heart House lost its contract to sew nearly 300 school uniforms. This loss of income has made it difficult for the ministry to pay these women and help them feed their families.

Your support will allow Heart House to continue supporting these women so they can provide for their families, while discovering the love of Jesus.

Give now to help these women.

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