The Global Gospel Fund

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We believe time is short; eternity matters; and missionaries should be free to do the work that God has called them to do.

Each gift to the Global Gospel Fund allows ABWE to serve 1,000 missionaries with vital ministry resources, leadership, planning, care, and counseling, through a team of more than 70 experts—who also know them by name, and are praying for them.

We believe Global Gospel Partners are critical in helping us multiply our impact and ability to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

A Global Gospel Partnership:

  • Mobilizes more short-term and long-term Great Commission workers;
  • Supports new teams and initiatives resourcing our prayerful vision;
  • Strengthens and builds new strategic partnerships;
  • Trains 1,000 missionaries to serve on productive, effective, healthy teams;
  • Encourages missionaries by providing soul-care and long-term emotional support through a dedicated Member Care team;
  • Protects all of our missionaries by supplying critical medical, legal, accounting and security expertise.

You may already give to an ABWE missionary. Now, through the Global Gospel Fund, you can also support all 1,000.

Join us as we grow a generous community of givers who want to see huge gains in the fulfillment of the Great Commission, in our lifetime.

Together, we can fulfill our prayerful vision to do greater things in the work of the Great Commission.

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