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Amount funded
$8,500.00 Funded

EVERYETHNĒ tools and personnel—It's like we found a GOLD mine! —Pastor Larry Taylor, North Syracuse

It's no secret—churches across North America are struggling!

Eight-five percent of churches have either plateaued or are in decline. More than 3,000 churches close their doors every year. And of those that are doing well, less than 4 percent have every reproduced themselves by starting a new daughter church. Obviously, this is not good news—especially is you are a lost person in need of finding Jesus and the truth.

The ABWE North America team is on mission with the church—fighting for their good and success. The EVERYETHNĒ Initiative aims to radically alter the North American church's trajectory. In 2017 alone, the team has invested in more than 350 pastors and churches with one or more books, tools, resources and especially with our time consulting and advising.

EVERYETHNĒ has a simple formula: Help churches assess where they are; re-envision churches with a new "multiplication/reproduction" end-goal; be on mission with them—as a true partner of the gospel, elevating people and churches to the level that God created them to be.

In order to help even more churches get on this path to health and reproduction and stem the tide of decline, the EVERYETHNĒ Initiative is raising support for resources and relationships.

  • Resources: Funds to purchase books and develop resources that are change agents in the life of the pastor and church
  • Relationships: Funds to help our North America team attend Conferences and meet pastors where we can build relationships, assess needs and provide practical solutions that exponentially multiply gospel impact.

"Ever since we met, my inner world has been both wrecked and ignited. I’ve just finished the book that you gifted to me, and it has turned my thinking upside down—in the best of ways." —Steve McCoy, Florida