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Less than a decade after opening, ABWE’s hospital in southern Togo began struggling to find enough qualified nurses — Togolese or missionary — to keep the hospital open. This need birthed ABWE’s Togo Nursing Education Program, and since 1997, it has equipped more than 45 Togolese graduates with the nursing skills to meet patients’ physical needs, as well as the biblical foundation to meet their spiritual needs.

In order to help nursing students afford this vital education, the Adopt-A-Student-Nurse program was established. Through the generosity of donors, the adoption program covers nursing students’ education expenses, translator salaries, textbooks, and supplies. It also gives students a stipend that allows them to study and train full-time, and provides them with regular prayer from their sponsors.

This year, the Togo Nursing Education Program has expanded to two classes — a class of 18 students at the southern hospital and a class of 18 students at ABWE’s new hospital in the Muslim-majority region of northern Togo. Although this expansion is helping the hospitals’ meet overwhelming staffing needs, it has created a shortfall of $30,000 for the program.

Help Us Train More Vitally-Needed Togolese Nurses

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