24-Hour DEMO

“Even though there was no commitment or obligation to the organization after attending the DEMO, I chose to apply for long-term ministry with ABWE because of the staff’s hospitality and infectious desire to share Christ’s love with all people,” said DEMO attendee, and current missionary Raise Clark.

To date 24-Hour DEMO is one of our most successful mobilization initiatives; with more than 30 percent of DEMO attendees going on to apply to serve as missionaries long-term or short-term with ABWE. Countless more carry what they’ve learned to their churches to help mobilize others toward God’s missions.

ABWE helps mobilize as many as 500 people to missions in a single year.

In the last year, we have helped recruit and appoint:

  • 79 student interns
  • 376 people to short-term trips
  • 52 adult short-term missionaries
  • 35 career missionaries
  • 82 DEMO attendees

Mobilizing a new missionary can be a time-consuming, expensive process involving building deeper relationships, prayer, networking, and training.

Once our candidates are through the door, there is a team of mobilizers serving with them and guiding them along the journey.

You can help us mobilize a new missionary with a gift to the Global Gospel Fund and the 24-Hour DEMO.

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