24-Hour Demo

United States

“Even though there was no commitment or obligation to the organization after attending the DEMO, I chose to apply for long-term ministry with ABWE because of the staff’s hospitality and infectious desire to share Christ’s love with all people,” said DEMO attendee, and current missionary Raise Clark.

To date 24-Hour DEMO is one of our most successful mobilization initiatives; with more than 30 percent of DEMO attendees going on to apply to serve as missionaries long-term or short-term with ABWE. Countless more carry what they’ve learned to their churches to help mobilize others toward God’s missions.

ABWE helps mobilize as many as 500 people to missions in a single year.

In the last year, we have helped recruit and appoint:

  • 27 student interns
  • 860+ people to short-term trips
  • 104 adult short-term missionaries
  • 54 career missionaries
  • 173 DEMO attendees

Mobilizing a new missionary can be a time-consuming, expensive process involving building deeper relationships, prayer, networking, and training.

Once our candidates are through the door, there is a team of mobilizers serving with them and guiding them along the journey.

You can help us mobilize a new missionary with a gift to the Global Gospel Fund and the 24-Hour DEMO.

Show Your Support

All around the world, ABWE missionaries are working to spark missions movements by sharing hope, building communities of faith and serving with love. Support their efforts with a one-time or recurring gift.

Give Offline Non-Cash Gifts
can recruit one new long-term missionary
sponsors a couple to attend the 24-Hour DEMO
mobilizes a college student intern for 1 month