Camp Ministry Leaders

Camp ministry leader needed in the Mediterranean to engage open-hearted community members with fellowship and deeper discussions about faith.

Children’s Ministry Leaders

Children's ministry leader needed in the Mediterranean to build trust and share God’s message of love and hope with local families.

Administrative Assistant Interns

Administrative assistant intern needed in Japan to discover firsthand what missions work is really like in one of the oldest cultures in the world.

Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistant needed in Japan to serve churches and missionaries in their church-planting efforts.

Youth Ministry Leaders

Youth ministry leader needed in Japan to plan activities and lessons that inspire meaningful conversations about faith.

Ministry Trainers

Ministry trainers needed to lead Japanese believers who want to teach the truth of the gospel and serve as church planters.
Ministry Focus

Church Planters

Church planters needed in Japan to disciple believers, evangelize people and build new relationships.

Church Planter Supporter

Church planters needed in Japan to work with existing churches to expand their presence in the community and provide support to church members and fellow ABWE teammates.


Pastor with a passion for teaching needed in Japan.

English Tutors/ESL Teachers

English tutor needed in Southeast Asia to teach valuable skills while sharing the truth of Christ's love.

ESL Teachers

English teachers can use ESL as a platform for ministering to the people in Hungary.
Ministry Focus