Music Teachers

Our St. Lucia team needs a music teacher to teach music and musical instruments as a means for expanding our ministry outreach and community impact.

Marketing and Communication Specialists

ABWE needs a ministry marketer who can help the team create and promote church events and ministry programs throughout St. Lucia.

Sunday School Resource Writers

ABWE in St. Lucia desperately needs a Sunday School resource writer who can create culturally relevant reading materials for kids of all ages.

Camp Ministry Leaders

ABWE in St. Lucia desperately needs a camp ministry leader to develop a fun and enriching activities program for kids and teens of all ages.

Discipleship Coaches

Enrich the spiritual journeys of believers as well as the community at large by building deep and meaningful relationships as a platform for further leadership development, and evangelism and discipleship opportunities.

Church Planters

In St. Lucia, we have a desperate need for church planters to help underserved communities.

Youth Ministry Leaders

We have a place for you in St. Lucia, where our missions team desperately needs a youth ministry leader to inspire kids and teens in the community to follow Jesus.

Camp Ministry Leaders

Blend your God-given talents with missionary service in Slovakia as a camp ministry leader

English Teachers

Join us in Slovakia, where there is a tremendous need for English education and relationship building.
Ministry Focus

Church Planters

Our team needs more self-disciplined, committed Christians who want to work as part of a close-knit team in church-planting initiatives.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Counselors

Our Eurasia team desperately needs trained counselors who can help those in the grip of substance abuse to overcome addiction.

Evangelism Teammates

There is a tremendous need across Eurasia for both spiritual and practical leadership.