Argentina Medical Missions Team Trip

Ministry in Argentina: Tent September 1-10, 2023. Please see the listing for more information regarding future trips.

Uganda Medical Missions Team Trip

Ministry in Uganda: TBD. The team will be a balance of medical and non-medical personnel, doing medical evangelism out of local churches. Trip space is limited.

South Asia Medical Missions Team Trip

Ministry in South Asia: 2023 TBD. Please see the listing for more information regarding future trips.

Church Planters

Our South Asia Team has a desperate need for church planters. Can you help us take things to the next level, building on a solid foundation of evangelism & discipleship that already exists?

Healthcare Personnel

There are a variety of short-term and long-term opportunities to serve at our partner hospital, Memorial Christian Hospital, in South Asia.

Hospital Administrator

Our partner, Memorial Christian Hospital needs an administrator to help direct the transition to its large, new facility and an expanded outreach to the many unreached people groups living in our beautiful corner of South Asia.

Theological Educators

We are looking for theological trainers to partner with South Asian believers through education and counseling opportunities.

OB/GYN Doctor or Midwife

Serve with a team of doctors, nurses and midwives with our partner, Memorial Christian Hospital in South Asia.

Short Term Seminary - Biblical Counseling Trainer

The majority of seminary training here in Nicaragua is focused on theology, but we know that pastors have to wear a lot of different hats. A great need in the Church in Nicaragua is Biblical counseling.

Short Term Seminar - Financial Advisor

Train church leaders and nationals in how to create a budget, exercise financial responsibility, and how to be wise financial stewards.

Ministry Coaches and Encouragers

Serving the Lord in ministry is hard everywhere. It's especially hard for Nicaraguan pastors and their families who typically have fewer educational opportunities and serve in difficult areas.

Youth Group Ministry

Teenagers world-wide face temptations and pressures on a massive scale. Churches here in Nicaragua are eager to reach this next generation.