Facility Maintenance Personnel

If you have a heart for sharing the gospel and are handy in general maintenance then come share your skills with us in The Gambia.
Ministry Focus

Electrical Engineer/Maintenance Worker

Use your skills to make the functioning of Hope Radio more efficient.

Maintenance Manager

Use your skills in maintenance to invest in seminary students in Colombia!
Ministry Focus

Concrete Forming & Casting

Assist with concrete forming, concrete pouring, and rebar fabrication & placement.
2-3 weeks
Ministry Focus

Trade Training

If God has gifted you with construction, plumbing, electrical, etc. gifts - our team in Durban, South Africa would love to help you use those for God's Kingdom.

Maintenance & Construction Specialists

Use your skills and specialty in maintenance and construction to reach those in Southern Togo. The Southern Togo Team needs experienced or knowledgeable short, mid- and long-term teammates and volunteers!
Ministry Focus

Motor Mechanic

Your gifts as a mechanic can greatly serve our team in Papua New Guinea.
Ministry Focus


Use your plumbing abilities to impact a community in Papua New Guinea.
Ministry Focus


Our team needs willing servants to come and serve as an electrician.
Ministry Focus


Use your gifts to impact our team and national students in Papua New Guinea.
Ministry Focus

Construction Project Participants

Opportunities exist to help carry out the work of projects being constructed around the globe.
Flexible (1 week to career)
Ministry Focus

Construction Project Managers

Opportunities exist to help manage projects being constructed around the globe, ranging range from simple one-room churches to building/renovating current ministry properties, to complex multi-level medical and educational facilities.
Flexible (1 month to career)
Ministry Focus