Youth & Student Mentors

The Position

Do you have a compelling evangelism story that young adults respond to? Are you an experienced, thoughtful and mature leader in your church community and feel called to missions? If so, we need you in Poland, where the need for youth mentors and community outreach is great. Northern Poland’s communities have a high number of orphans who need special attention. As a youth mentor, you’ll work with existing churches in northern Poland and inspire young adults to live for Christ.

As a youth mentor, you will:

  • Develop meaningful relationships with youth in the community who need guidance and support
  • Share the truth of the gospel sincerely, working patiently with those who haven’t yet accepted Jesus into their hearts
  • Identify the differences between Catholic and evangelical churches and answer questions about faith
  • Demonstrate good listening skills and set an excellent example for the community and your ABWE teammates
  • Bring a heart for missions work and the energy necessary to engage with Poland’s youth
The Need

Evangelical Missions Quarterly reports that as of April 2004, Poland has the greatest need for church planting missionaries. With fewer than 170 missionaries to reach a population of nearly 39 million people, there is only one missionary for every 500,000 residents. Of Poland’s 2,500 counties, 2,219 have no evangelical presence of any kind. ABWE works with two church plants in northern Poland. A Polish pastor noted, “We just do not have enough believers to do the work that needs to be done here.” In Poland, the opportunity to make a significant spiritual impact on her people is great.

The Impact

You can make a tremendous impact through ministering and discipling the next generation of believers. Our teenage and college years are a crucial time when godly mentors are desperately needed to provide wisdom and guidance. We need people who are passionate about the next generation of believers to reach out and help guide them as they navigate the tricky waters of adolescence, doubt, faith, and purpose.

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