Youth Sports Leaders

The Position

If you have a passion for sports, a gift for working with kids and the energy to succeed in missions, ABWE has a place for you on our St. Lucia team. As youth sports ministry leader, you’ll bring your love of evangelism to the youth of St. Lucia, and help grow the church through the power of sports.

As youth sports ministry leader, you will:

  • Bring your experience and talents working with kids to St. Lucia, where you’ll develop a fun and engaging sports ministry that welcomes new members with open arms
  • Demonstrate excellent judgment and leadership skills, and set an outstanding example for the community as to what living an authentically Christian lifestyle should be
  • Share your testimony and answer questions about faith, and develop the relationships that will lead to deeper discussions about Jesus Christ
  • Mentor kids through the challenges of youth, and welcome their family members into our church community
  • Have a heart for missions work and the perseverance to sustain a positive attitude every day
The Need

About 90 percent of people living in St. Lucia claim to be Christian. About two thirds of these Christians are Roman Catholic and one third are Protestant. Baptists make up only 2.2 percent of the population. St. Lucia claims religious freedom for all, but many of the island's 160,000 inhabitants are unsaved.

ABWE is dedicated to sharing the Gospel in St. Lucia. We are excited about the opportunities available here, but we need assistance in making these opportunities realities. With additional missionaries we can grow God’s kingdom, make churches more accessible, reinforce strong leadership, and continue to provide guidance to those who are spiritually hungry. The harvest in St. Lucia is abundant, but the laborers are few.

The Impact

You’ll have an enormous opportunity to shape the minds and attitudes of St. Lucia’s youth in this important role. Imagine the impact you can have on just one adolescent who may be going through a troubling time! Teens especially need active guidance, and through your role as Youth Sports Ministry Leader you’ll be able to engage with them in a relatable and fun way. If you have heard God calling you to a life in missions work, our St. Lucia teams needs your help. Join us.

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