Youth Sports Leaders

The Position

If you have a passion for Jesus and a gift for teaching sports to children, the people of the Balkans need you. As a youth sports leader for ABWE in the Balkans, you’ll build important community relationships in a region where an interest in athletics, particularly hockey, can heal broken families and keep kids in school — and away from life on the streets.

The youth sports leader will:

  • Meet the physical needs of children, as Jesus often met the physical needs of those around Him
  • Develop strong community bonds that lead to pre-evangelism, evangelism, and discipleship
  • Demonstrate a heart for ministry, a passion for helping others and the energy for hard work
  • Differentiate between having a relationship with Christ versus other religions
  • Use athletic talents and interests to bring youth to Christ
The Need

The Balkans population is diverse. Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox dominate the tri-ethnic culture. This diversity has played a role in civil wars and engendered distrust among its citizens. Many of the world’s most significant historic events have occurred in the Balkans, and the landscape is rich in agricultural and scenic treasures. Although citizens have ample access to the three dominant religions in the region, the true gospel presence is small. As a youth sports leader, you will get to know the Balkans' people and plant the seeds that will grow Christ’s church in the Balkans.

The Impact

ABWE began ministering in the Balkans in 2002 with a hockey stick and hockey balls. Before long, children from surrounding neighborhoods came to discover what hockey is and learned to love Christ. Today, those same children are reaching out to other families in need through coaching sports. As a youth sports leader, you’ll show children the love of Christ in a brand-new way. Your options are not limited to hockey — whatever sport you have a passion for is the sport you can share.

As a youth sports leader, you will integrate with the church-planting movement to strengthen and mature the Word of God in the Balkans. Join ABWE as a youth sports leader and share God’s love with the children of the Balkans.

Due to COVID-19, travel requirements for trips originating from the US vary by location. To learn more, contact us at go@abwe.org. We’d love to talk to you!

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