Sunday School Resource Writers

The Position

ABWE in St. Lucia is looking for a Sunday School resource writer who can create culturally relevant reading materials for kids of all ages. You’ll play an important role in ABWE’s church leadership effort, where you’ll distill the lessons of the Bible into clear, interesting and appropriate stories that kids can understand. Over the past nine years, ABWE has made great progress in St. Lucia — but the tasks are still many, and the helpers too few. Won’t you bring your talent for storytelling and your love for Christ to St. Lucia?

As a Sunday School resource writer, you will:

  • Demonstrate an excellent grasp of Scripture and language, and the ability to turn complex messages into clear and relevant lessons that kids of all ages can easily understand
  • Be able to adapt Biblical lessons in ways that make sense to St. Lucia’s culture
  • Align Sunday School materials to the lessons taught to adults so there is consistency in messaging
  • Help ABWE teammates when asked and demonstrate a willingness to share your own personal testimony when building relationships with members of the community
  • Have a heart for ministry and the passion to fulfill God’s mission for your life with patience, persistence and faith
The Need

About 90 percent of people living in St. Lucia claim to be Christian. About two thirds of these Christians are Roman Catholic and one third are Protestant. Baptists make up only 2.2 percent of the population. St. Lucia claims religious freedom for all, but many of the island's 160,000 inhabitants are unsaved.

ABWE is dedicated to sharing the Gospel in St. Lucia. We are excited about the opportunities available here, but we need assistance in making these opportunities realities. With additional missionaries we can grow God’s kingdom, make churches more accessible, reinforce strong leadership, and continue to provide guidance to those who are spiritually hungry. The harvest in St. Lucia is abundant, but the laborers are few.

The Impact

As Sunday School resource writer, you’ll translate Biblical lessons and stories into text suitable for young audiences. Through this process, you’ll introduce a new generation to the truths of Scripture, and teach the lessons that influence a lifetime of faith. Imagine the impact you’ll have on St. Lucia’s children as their parents worship in church! The right learning materials will bring families closer together, and everyone closer to God. If you have a talent for language, experience in creating Sunday School texts, and a gift for communicating the Bible’s stories for children, please prayerfully consider this the opportunity to influence eternal lives in St. Lucia.

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