Student Outreach Missionary

The Position

Are you a flexible, relational, open-minded, and creative self-starter? Our team is looking for families, professionals, college grads, and/or interns with a passion for college and student outreach. Day-to-day ministry would involve a variety of activities in both urban and rural settings.

We need people who are passionate about the next generation of believers to reach out and help guide them as they navigate the tricky waters of adolescence, doubt, faith, and purpose.

The Need

About 75 percent of Brazilians identify as Catholic. In the last three decades Brazil has also grown to be the largest Pentecostal nation of the world. Only four percent of the 200 million people claim to be non-Pentecostal Evangelical believers. In Southern Brazil, less than two percent of people identify as Christians.

We need you to partner with missionaries and Brazilian nationals on the ground to share the gospel, plant and multiply local churches, train leaders, and ultimately, assist Brazilians to continue fulfilling the Great Commission by sending out their own people as missionaries.

The Impact

Our team has been involved in church planting, leadership training, sports evangelism, counseling, and retreat ministries. To-date, nine churches have been planted, with more than half having national Brazilian pastors. The Southern Brazil Team aims to continue planting local churches and equip local leadership by developing a seminary and Biblical Counseling Center. But we need your help.

In 2015, the nation of Brazil entered into a widespread economic crisis. The financial recession is real, crime is high, and the overall morale is very low. We are praying that God will use this difficulty to soften hearts, open eyes to the Gospel and give many hope in desperate times. Will you join us?

Due to COVID-19, travel requirements for trips originating from the US vary by location. To learn more, contact us at go@abwe.org. We’d love to talk to you!

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