Student Internship

1 Month
Dates needed
May, June, or August 2019
The Position

As a Student Intern with the team in The Gambia, you will have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of ministries as they seek to minister to the Muslim-majority population of the nation with the Gospel. These include:

  • Healthcare Ministry at a Local Clinic
  • Translation Work
  • Training Center for Adult Literacy
  • Outreach to Rural Villages
  • Evangelism and Discipleship
The Need

In The Gambia, and you’ll spend time among people who have never heard of Jesus Christ. English is the official national language of The Gambia, but of the 17 unreached people groups, many don’t speak the language. Wolof is commonly understood among these people groups. To minister to their spiritual needs, a willingness to learn their language and culture is necessary.

Although the barriers to missions are great in The Gambia, so are the rewards — people call us every week because they want to learn more about Jesus Christ! With 90 percent of the population coming from a Muslim background, and 2 percent holding indigenous views, there is a tremendous need to share God’s message of faith and grace.

The Impact

Use your passion for evangelism and discipleship to make an eternal impact on the mission field. Every ministry we begin, every project we undertake, and every relationship we develop is geared toward sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. However, we know that simply sharing the gospel with someone is only part of our calling as missionaries: we’re also called to walk alongside them and make disciples. If you love Jesus and have a heart for the lost and hurting, then we have a place for you.

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