Social Media Director

The Position

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The church around the world is learning to make use of every tool available. Japan is no exception. We are desiring to leverage every avenue to get the Gospel to every person in Japan. A social media director in Japan would manage the yearly social media calendar, coordinating posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with fellow missionaries. There are many church activities that could be better supported as well as outreach events to promote. The ideal candidate is a disciple-maker able to work well with the team.

The Need

Most Japanese people have never met a Christian, seen a Bible, and do not know about Jesus. In fact, just two percent of Japan's 128 million people claim to be Christians. In the future, there is risk for half of the existing Christian churches to close their doors, as Japanese pastors are aging and without replacements due to the increasingly agnostic and secular younger generation. The missionary presence continues to dwindle as well.

We need teammates with fresh ideas, deep relationship-building skills, and perseverance regardless of how fruitful the results may appear. ABWE would like to grow the team in Tokyo, and is seeking missionaries equipped for church planting, ministry to the deaf community, and teaching English as a second language. These valuable evangelistic skills can build bridges into Japan’s communities. Will you press on toward that goal with us?

The Impact

Use your visual or written communications skills on the mission field. Whether it's through writing, videography, social media, or publishing Christian resources, our missionaries need help telling their stories, challenging their audiences, and encouraging the Body of Christ.

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