Simanyene Center for the Disabled - Speech Therapists

The Position

The Simanyene Center for the Disabled in Cape Town, South Africa, is looking for certified Speech Therapists who are kind, patient, loving, and have a heart for children and adults who are less fortunate. The position includes working with our students helping develop communication and feeding skills.

The Need

South Africa is very behind in caring for the needs of the disabled. Their schools and special centers are full. Many children are left at home, by themselves, with no schooling whatsoever. The government simply cannot handle the need. Waiting lists to get into special schools can take years. Our children come from an impoverished community with little to no help for therapy. The Center caters to 22 children/young adults with disabilities and is in need of therapists to help. There is also a need to assess our older learners for communication and job skills and assist in developing a "workshop" where they could be productive in their society.

The Impact

Simanyene Center for the Disabled exists to glorify God by supporting children and young adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. The Center is a ministry of Simanyene Bible Church. Our mission is to help each individual reach their full, God-given potential.

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