Preschool, Elementary and High School Teachers

2-3 year commitment is ideal
The Position

We are looking for individuals with a degree in education (can also be retired) who enjoy ministering to young students and their families and want to share the Gospel through education. Must be a native-English speaker or comparable. Experience is greatly valued, but recent grads are also great.

Two to three year commitment is ideal.

Specific grade needs:

  • 2 Preschool Teachers - English as a foreign language
  • 1 Elementary Teacher - English Language Arts, Science and Bible
  • 1 High School Teacher - English Language Arts
  • 1 High School Teacher - Bible
The Need

The ABWE team in Peru is united with one vision: to plant and equip local churches and ministries with meaningful social and spiritual impact that will intentionally launch church-planting efforts with the ultimate goal of fueling world missions movements for God’s glory.

Our team is strategically located in four of the major cities in Peru: Iquitos (Amazon jungle), Chiclayo (northern coast), Lima (the capital) and Arequipa (southern Andes Mountains). In these four regions we are in proximity to about 40% of Peru’s 30 million people. Our mission field, however, is the entire world.

We need your help to equip generations of biblically-minded Peruvian believers who will not only plant churches and become missionaries around the world, but also generously sustain a global missions movement.

The Impact

The foundation of faith is understanding, and the foundation of understanding is education. As a teacher missionary, you have the unique opportunity to use their classroom as place of ministry. Along with teaching about grammar and algebra, they are able to disciple their students and point them to the ultimate teacher: Jesus. The world needs more teachers like you because we firmly believe a biblically-based education is integral in raising up strong followers of Christ.

Due to COVID-19, travel requirements for trips originating from the US vary by location. To learn more, contact us at go@abwe.org. We’d love to talk to you!

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