Nursing Home Care Worker

The Position

The aging population of Japan has led to a shortage of nursing care workers. Although workers have been coming from SE Asia, there is still more demand than available workers. The Japan team is looking for courageous missionaries who will see the opportunity and commit to the difficult task of becoming licensed to work as a nursing care worker in Japan.

The Need

Of the 126 million people in Japan, less than 1 percent know Jesus Christ. In fact, many have never met a Christian or touched a Bible. There are even people who have never heard of Christ. The few churches that exist in the region are fading, as they are small with aging leadership and members. The darkness continues to spread as the number of Japanese missionaries declines.

While the outlook is bleak, the message of God is strong. You can share your innovative ideas and use your God-given people skills to build key relationships, partnerships that uplift the community and bring lasting change. If you believe in Christ and have the passion to fight for His light in the country, we need you.

The Impact

Use your love for the less fortunate on the mission field. Social welfare ministries create countless opportunities to share Christ with brokenhearted people, many of whom may not otherwise welcome our message. Use social welfare ministries to change lives, open hearts, and share the gospel.

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