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The Position

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Are you a teacher? Tired of conventional classroom settings?

Numonohi Christian Academy is an exceptional K-12 grade school run by New Tribe Missions. They graciously allow our missionary kids (MKs) and others to enroll their children. We have partnered with them in the education of our missionary kids (MKs) for decades. They have continual challenges to fill their teaching positions to meet the needs of the students enrolled in their school. Though not an ABWE ministry, we have helped to provide teachers for this amazing ministry that touches the lives of our MKs, and national children as well. It is a great opportunity to provide quality education for the children of ministry parents. You can minister to them, so they too, can minister to others.

The Need

With a population of 6.7 million, many Papua New Guineans consider themselves to be Christians. This often means they follow a religion that is a mixture of Western and Eastern influences, including Christian beliefs, animistic rituals, and spirit worship. For many, knowledge of Jesus Christ as the only true savior is still missing or misunderstood.

We need men and women to share the pure and true gospel with people groups who have much exposure to religion, but not true Christianity. Will you join us in missions in Papua New Guinea?

The Impact

The foundation of faith is understanding, and the foundation of understanding is education. As a teacher missionary, you have the unique opportunity to use their classroom as place of ministry. Along with teaching about grammar and algebra, they are able to disciple their students and point them to the ultimate teacher: Jesus. The world needs more teachers like you because we firmly believe a biblically-based education is integral in raising up strong followers of Christ.

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