Missionary Teammates

The Position

ABWE Nicaragua needs people who will come alongside church planters in the rapidly growing church-planting movement in Nicaragua. Church planters here are committed to serving sacrificially, often without many resources and in isolation. We need your expertise to see the big picture of the church-planting movement by assessing needs, and then strategizing with Nicaraguan church planters to help them network and access the many resources that are available through our missionaries, national partners, and other like-minded ministries.

Nicaragua has seen a rapid growth in church planting in the last seven years, and we'd love for you to join us and help continue this momentum.

The Need

Our church leaders have a zeal to fulfill the Great Commission and a fresh vision for Nicaraguans plant churches, as opposed to simply using church planting methods from the United States that are not easily transferable to another cultural context. The rapid growth of the church means that there are many church planters, each with specific needs, to whom you can minister.

The Impact

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in all of the Americas but is wide open to the gospel. The Institute of Church Planters (ICP) is one of the most significant church planting training ministries in the ABWE world, partnering with local churches to help Nicaraguans plant over 30 churches. Started by ABWE missionaries, the ICP is now under national directorship and has two branch schools outside the capital city. Nicaragua’s strategic location in the center of the Americas makes it ideal for reaching other Latin American countries with the Gospel. Join us to be a part of this exciting church-planting movement.

Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 crisis, ABWE is limiting international travel of short-term missionaries originating from the US and assessing the level of risk per country per US State Department guidelines. To inquire about travel restrictions or exceptions, please contact go@abwe.org. We would love to talk to you!

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