Ministry Development Leaders

The Position

Do you have experience creating and directing successful ministries? Join our team in Ukraine and use your leadership and development skills to direct dynamic, enriching outreach programs.

As ministry development leader, you will:

  • Bring creativity and passion to our ministry program and develop new outreach activities that will draw new believers of all ages
  • Have a flair for leadership and organization, but be humble enough to provide support for church planters across Ukraine
  • Demonstrate a strong grasp of Scripture and the ability to spread the Bible’s teachings through fun and thought-provoking activities
  • Live an authentically Christian lifestyle by setting an excellent example and developing meaningful relationships within the Ukrainian community
  • Include a diverse array of ministries within the program that may include counseling, sports, education, youth and children, and others
The Need

Unlike much of Eurasia, where religious intolerance and skepticism are rampant, Ukraine serves as a launching pad for missions movements in neighboring countries. The country’s civil war left thousands dead, millions more displaced and towns damaged. The spiritual and physical needs of Ukraine’s people are great, and God has opened the door to allow us to help. In Ukraine, our missionaries give nationals the practical and spiritual guidance they need to rebuild their lives with faith in Christ as the foundation. God’s church is growing in Ukraine and the opportunities are overflowing. We need your help.

The Impact

For many new believers, ministry outreach is the way they become interested in joining a church. Given the number of ways that successful outreach can be accomplished, and the number of people yet to be reached, the opportunity to make a spiritual impact is huge. Has God called you to share your gift for ministry? Join us in Ukraine, and give more people a chance to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 crisis, ABWE is limiting international travel of short-term missionaries originating from the US and assessing the level of risk per country per US State Department guidelines. To inquire about travel restrictions or exceptions, please contact go@abwe.org. We would love to talk to you!

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