Men's Outreach Missionary

The Position

ABWE is strategically focused on reaching young men in the busy riverport capital city of Phnom Penh. By building ministries around weightlifting gyms and coffee houses, you can help Cambodian men build their spiritual leadership and leverage their culturally significant influence to bring the light of Christ to whole families.

Specifically, we are looking for dedicated teammates who can:

  • Implement existing strategies and opportunities, like working with a high-ranking police official who has agreed to start a weightlifting ministry within his ranks of reporting officers
  • Identify new strategies to reach the changing Cambodian demographics
  • Strengthen the fledgling Khmer church by discipling leaders, connecting small groups, and creating self-sustaining ministries
  • Connect and engage the small but active English-speaking urban population
  • Introduce the Gospel to minority groups outside the city
The Need

Nestled between Thailand and Vietnam on the Gulf of Siam, Cambodia was a French colony until 1953. Since then, the politically tumultuous government has been led in turn by a monarchy, military leaders, and a communist government before adopting a free-market economy in 1990.

As one of the few countries that still allows church planting and open missionary activities in the “10/40 Window,” the predominantly Buddhist country of Cambodia contains at least 41 different population groups, 70 percent of which have not yet been reached. In all, this Southeast Asian country the size of Oklahoma is home to more than 15 million people — one in ten of them in bustling Phnom Penh.

The Impact

Cambodia is full of tradition and the worship of spirits. Statistically, 19 out of 20 Cambodians are Buddhists who believe that karma dictates their destiny. Since the civil wars of the 1970s and 80s, Cambodia has been overrun by various aid organizations and development workers providing invaluable physical solutions, but whose work often overlooked the ethnically diverse population’s underlying spiritual issues.

In addition to native Cambodians, there is a growing community of expatriated Americans, often after being deported for gang-related crimes. ABWE has already achieved notable success reaching this tough and tattooed population, as profiled in the June 2014 issue of Message Magazine. With your much-needed help, this ministry can strengthen its faithful and expand its outreach strategies.

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