Marketing Director

The Position

The school is looking for someone to lead their marketing program in planning, delivery and execution. The Head of Marketing will work with the principles on a marketing strategy, as well as areas of student recruitment, financial aid programs and alumni relations programs. The requirements for this position are:

  • Master's Degree or Doctorate in Business Marketing or related field
  • Extensive (minimum 5 years) experience as a Group Marketing Director
  • Management skills
  • Commercial mindset
  • Previous experience in Asia is preferred

Responsibilities may include: creating an annual marketing campaign, building on brand awareness, manage media interests and work closely with other Heads of Departments on company projects.

The Need

Southwest Asia is as ethnically, linguistically, religiously, and socially complex as the myriad of countries it includes. The overwhelming majority of people in this region are Hindu or Muslim, and while there is an immense need for missionaries to share the gospel with them, there is an incredibly small number of Christians living there. But when given the opportunity to hear and experience the truth, many people in Southwest Asia are willing to trust God through opposition, poverty, and other challenges in order to join the growing gospel movement that is transforming lives in this region.

ABWE teams in Southwest Asia are multiplying leaders, churches, and missions movements. Though it can be difficult to enter this limited access region, population-benefiting approaches like business-as-mission, tentmaking, and teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) can offer means to entry and relationship building. We also seek highly entrepreneurial team members who are willing to help initiate new ministries and engage in relational evangelism in these urban frontier settings.

The opportunities for ministry in the western region of South Asia are endless. Your skill sets can be used on the mission field—is God leading you to join a gospel movement and plant churches among the unreached in Southwest Asia?

The Impact

Your administration and accounting skills can help us reach more people with the gospel. When you think of the mission field, we’re sure that you’re more likely to think of preaching and rural villages than filing cabinets and accounting software. But at ABWE, we know that there is a place on the mission field for every person and every skill. From our hospitals and Christian schools to our camps and business ministries, our life-changing ministries need your organizational skills and support.

Due to COVID-19, travel requirements for trips originating from the US vary by location. To learn more, contact us at go@abwe.org. We’d love to talk to you!

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