Marketing and Communications Specialists

The Position

Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 crisis, ABWE is limiting international travel of short-term missionaries originating from the US and assessing the level of risk per country per US State Department guidelines. To inquire about travel restrictions or exceptions, please contact go@abwe.org. We would love to talk to you!

The North America team is looking for someone who is working toward a B.S. in Communications or Marketing, or who has equivalent experience and would be comfortable teaching others how to become better communicators/marketers. This person would be responsible for creating content and applying marketing strategies that deliver measurable results. Graphic design skills or Spanish language skills would be helpful, but not required. The duration for this need is 1 year.

The Need

Although the US has long been the leader in sending missionaries overseas for decades, there is an urgent need for the gospel at home. The US is becoming more unchurched—and unreached—at a faster rate than ever before.

As the nation becomes an increasingly post-Christian, post-church society, ABWE is partnering with local churches to offer tools for effective disciple making and church planting, to reach the unreached within the United States.

The Impact

Use your visual or written communications skills on the mission field. Whether it's through writing, videography, social media, or publishing Christian resources, our missionaries need help telling their stories, challenging their audiences, and encouraging the Body of Christ.

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