Logistics and Hospitality Coordinator

The Position

We have an urgent need for this position beginning in May 2019. This position could be filled by a series of short-term (1-2 years) missionaries or long-term/career missionaries. The Southern hospital and ministry campus needs a logistics and hospitality coordinator. The hospital hosts many visiting medical professionals, construction workers, and missionaries of many sorts; both individuals and large groups. We need a highly organized and culturally sensitive person to work with guesthouse staff and missionaries to ensure that visitors are well taken care of.

1. Acts as a point of contact for guests (send orientation and arrival documents, receive flight itineraries, arrange in-country travel, communicate regarding luggage space and items for long-term missionaries, etc)

2. Welcomes and receives guests upon their arrival in Tsiko.

3. Assists departing guests through the check-out form and receive the room key.

The Need

Togo is located in West Africa, a geographic area characterized by poor quality of life and little access to the gospel. Muslims are the fastest growing religious group in the country and nearly one-in-three Togolese practice some form of animism. The country has seen little evangelical outreach and maintains one of the highest percentages of un-evangelized local religions in all of Africa.

ABWE began working in the country in 1974 ministering in Togo through the ministries of healthcare and education. Our vibrant ministry outreaches have expanded and now include two hospitals, a school for the visually impaired, an aquaponics farm, a Christian radio station, translation ministries, community health outreach and much more. With so many ministries and so much work to do, we need you in Togo. Will you join us?

The Impact

Your administration and accounting skills can help us reach more people with the gospel. When you think of the mission field, we’re sure that you’re more likely to think of preaching and rural villages than filing cabinets and accounting software. But at ABWE, we know that there is a place on the mission field for every person and every skill. From our hospitals and Christian schools to our camps and business ministries, our life-changing ministries need your organizational skills and support.

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