Logistical Coordinator

Dates needed
3-12 Months in 2019
The Position

As our hospital moves from it's current 60 bed facility to a 120 bed facility, we are looking for someone to help coordinate the logistics and details of our move and function. During the move, we are needing to keep the hospital running and are looking for creative ways in which to move our departments, equipment and wards. We will be needing someone for 3-12 months to serve in this capacity in 2019.

The Need

We are a predominately medical field that has ministry in diverse arenas. Coordination of multiple personnel and ministry is difficult. We have a desperate need for coordination and logistics of these various ministries. The largest and most costly is Memorial Christian Hospital (MCH) which has been operating since 1966, and today this 60-bed hospital serves a patient population of over 10 million. MCH sees an average of 40,000 outpatients every year in a predominately Muslim nation. We currently have specialties in obstetrics, general surgery, orthopedics, and family medicine. The breadth of these specialties is vast and includes just about any patient that walks through the door. Each year we perform close to 2,000 surgeries, deliver 1,500 babies and do about 500 C-sections. On average there are about 4,000 patients a year admitted to the hospital.

The Impact

Memorial Christian Hospital plays an important role in reaching our area. Offering compassionate, excellent medical care in Christ’s name creates an openness to the good news. Both expat and national staff have many opportunities to share truth with patients and family members. Treating patients also strengthens the outreach of local believers. This position would make everyone's job easier. Allowing them to stay focused on their ministry would strengthen the outreach effectiveness in church planting.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, ABWE has canceled most international travel originating from the U.S. until the State Department drops the Global Health Advisory to a Level 2 or lower. However, please email our Mobilization team at go@abwe.org to discuss service opportunities and exceptions. We would love to talk with you!​

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