Literacy Coordinator

The Position

This position will be involved in the following things:

  1. Overseeing of the literacy program in Southern Togo
  2. Coordinating with Togolese leaders for the literacy ministry
  3. Managing the production of literacy materials (primers and new reader materials)
The Need

Literacy is extremely important in order for believers to grow in their Christian walk. When individuals can read God’s Word for themselves, they can study, memorize and meditate on the Truth without depending on someone else to read it to them. This is why no written Scripture translation program should ever be undertaken without a corresponding literacy program that begins early on, to ensure readers are ready for the Scriptures once published.

The Impact

Based on missionary experience in village church plants, there are very few women in the church who could read the Bible. Literacy programs would have been extremely helpful in our efforts to disciple those women and train them to become leaders/teachers in the women’s ministry there. There are also many men who have not had opportunity to learn to read, and they, too, benefit in many ways. They could become more capable leaders and teachers in the local churches.

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