International School Secondary English Teacher

minimum one year (school year August to June)
Dates needed
August 2022 to June 2023 (or longer term)
The Position

International Christian School of Budapest (ICSB) is looking for a secondary level English teacher. The school's faculty and staff work in a collaborative and supportive environment as they join together in their valuable mission as an international school. Teachers embody the essence of ICSB. They shall be college graduates who demonstrate an ability to be used of God in the teaching profession. Their task is to serve God by teaching their academic content from a biblical worldview so that students learn and grow in knowledge, wisdom, maturity, and devotion to God.

The student body is comprised of missionary children, Hungarians, and children of expatriates from many nations. ESL/ELL classes help international students transition to the English-language instruction offered by the school. ICSB exists to serve families by providing their children with an excellent, biblically-based, college-preparatory education, in an environment that encourages them to become wholehearted followers of Christ. It is a "mission school," in that they do not pay salaries to their teachers — all of their teachers serve in Budapest as missionaries and raise their own financial support through churches and individuals. Also, as a Christian school, they are very strongly committed to hiring only faculty members who have a strong Christian faith and a consistent relationship with Jesus Christ. They desire to hire teachers who will teach from a Biblical worldview and who will live as models of mature Christianity before the students.

Learn more about ICSB: Current Opportunities - International Christian School Budapest (icsbudapest.org)

A full job description is available by request.

The Need

Communist Party leadership spent 40 years intimidating, discriminating, and infiltrating Hungary. By the time religious liberty was restored in 1990, many Hungarians considered church and religion irrelevant. Despite Hungary’s long history of strong religious affiliations, current statistics indicate that fewer than 2 percent of Hungary’s people have experienced a true encounter with the gospel.

With your help, we can reach more Hungarians to spread the truth.

The Impact

The International Christian School of Budapest (ICSB) provides an education in English for students in grades K-12, preparing them for entrance into North American colleges and universities. ICSB is committed to Christian education; students take a Bible class every year, they attend a weekly chapel service, and biblical truth and a Christian worldview are integrated into each subject taught. ICSB seeks to educate the whole child by incorporating a wide range of activities for students, including programs and opportunities in the fine arts (drama, music, art), athletics, community outreach activities, and spiritual and social events. They also provide many services for students, including guidance and personal counseling, a school nurse, ESL instruction for non-native English speakers, and special services for students with learning differences and special physical needs.

There are about 250 students at ICSB. One of the great features of the school is the international student body; although the majority of the students are children of North American missionaries, roughly 20 percent of the students come from various countries in Asia, and another 25 percent are from Hungary and Central Europe. ICSB is truly international, as their students represent over a dozen different countries including: Korea, Poland, Estonia, Brazil, Bulgarian, France, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, Ukraine, New Zealand, Germany, Madagascar, Albania and Romania, China, Japan, Denmark and Hungary.

For more information about the school, see www.icsbudapest.org.

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