Construction Project Managers

Opportunities exist to help manage projects being constructed around the globe, ranging range from simple one-room churches to building/renovating current ministry properties, to complex multi-level medical and educational facilities.
Flexible (1 month to career)
Ministry Focus

Facility Maintenance Personnel

Facility maintenance personnel perform the critical task of keeping hundreds of properties functioning efficiently around the globe so missionary field teams can continue using them for their ministries.
Flexible (1 week to career)
Ministry Focus


Opportunities exist for Architects to consult on and/or prepare plans and details for projects being constructed around the globe.
Flexible (On-Call Consultant to Career)
Ministry Focus


An opportunity has opened for engineers of various disciplines to prepare surveys, plans and details for projects being constructed around the globe.
Flexible (On-Call Consulting to Career)
Ministry Focus


Come serve with our Pharmaceutical department with our partner, Memorial Christian Hospital.
Ministry Focus

Healthcare Team Trip

The tentative dates for a trip to Guyana are March 2-10, 2019. We are looking for individuals who may or may not have a medical background and who have a desire to share the gospel via medical clinics. The team will be a balance of medical and non-medical personnel. Trip space will be limited.

Theological Educators and Bible Study Leaders

Join our South Africa team as they train pastors and ministry leaders to continue the work in their local communities.
Ministry Focus

Teachers and ESL Instructors

Use your education and ESL gifts to partner with our South African schools and communities.
Ministry Focus

Simanyene Center for the Disabled - Speech Therapists

Join our team at the Simanyene Center working with students on communication and feeding skills.

Simanyene Center for the Disabled - Special Education Teachers

We are seeking special education teachers to fill a large need for those at our Simanyene Center.

Pastoral and Ministry Leadership Internships

The team in South Africa is looking for individuals willing to expand their knowledge and experience in cross-cultural pastoral and ministry leadership positions.

Simanyene Center for the Disabled - Occupational Therapists

Simanyene Center is searching for an Occupational Therapists to serve the children and adults in the home.