Head of Curriculum & Pedagogy Development

The Position

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, ABWE has canceled most international travel originating from the U.S. until the State Department drops the Global Health Advisory to a Level 2 or lower. However, please email our Mobilization team at go@abwe.org to discuss service opportunities and exceptions. We would love to talk with you!​

In this position you would be:

  • Serving in a Christian University in South Asia
  • Analyzing and defining curriculum and pedagogy development needs and its initiatives that reflect the school's vision in coordination with students and faculty leaders.
  • Managing curriculum and pedagogy and delivering effective development programs to enhance the curriculum competencies of the school leaders and members.
  • Coordinating curriculum needs and quality standard by going coordination with government and industry to fulfill the requirements.

Requirements for this position are:

  • A Master's Degree in Theology or Christian Education from a reputable university
  • Demonstrates spiritual maturity and godly character
  • Understands Biblical Worldview and Faith-Learning Integration; able to integrate Biblical Worldview into teaching and learning process
  • Has passion in teaching, learning and faith integration
  • Solid conceptual and analytical thinking
  • Excellent in teaching and facilitation skill
The Impact

Your administration and accounting skills can help us reach more people with the gospel. When you think of the mission field, we’re sure that you’re more likely to think of preaching and rural villages than filing cabinets and accounting software. But at ABWE, we know that there is a place on the mission field for every person and every skill. From our hospitals and Christian schools to our camps and business ministries, our life-changing ministries need your organizational skills and support.

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