The Position

There are 56 unreached people groups in Colombia. We are praying that God will raise up a team of ABWE missionaries who have a passion for the unreached and are equipped to train, encourage and perhaps even accompany Colombians into these areas.

The gospel advancement has reached a crucial moment in its history in Colombia. That is why we are looking for people who want to play a part in this exciting phase of gospel work in Colombia by partnering with, encouraging, mobilizing, training and encouraging local leaders to take responsibility for the Great Commission.

The Need

The opportunities for gospel advancement in and from Colombia are amazing. While the gospel has advanced in many of the large cities, internal violence has created many pockets of unreached people groups within the same country. This unique dynamic couples great opportunity with urgent need. Colombia’s large cities provide the perfect training ground for equipping and mobilizing Colombians to follow Christ and take the gospel to the areas of great need right in their backyard.

The Impact

ABWE missionaries have established a lasting legacy in Colombia. The testimony and work of faithful missionaries provides an amazing opportunity for new missionaries seeking to serve in Colombia. Without this foundation, a new missionary might easily spend the majority of his or her ministry years simply getting to know and gaining the confidence of Colombian pastors. The reality is that from day one a new missionary benefits from deep relationships developed through years of faithful service by former ABWE missionaries as well as an established camp, pastors’ fellowship, and seminary.

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