ESL Student Internship

3 months (flexible)
Dates needed
May-August 2020
The Position

Do you have a gift for the English language, feel compelled to share the good news of Jesus Christ, and enjoy developing authentic relationships? If so, our ABWE team is looking for student interns to engage in ESL ministries.

As an ESL intern, you will:

  • Bring a love for languages to Thailand
  • Have the opportunity to learn some Thai
  • Teach the class English by using part of the time to share the gospel.
  • Be prepared to teach in the evenings, after school and on Saturdays to students of all ages, and be willing to participate with students in other activities such as sports and music training
  • Live an authentically Christian lifestyle and set a good example for students and the community at large
  • Have a heart for missions work and a love for people that makes developing real relationships enjoyable, and enables discussions about faith to develop naturally
The Need

Northeast Thailand is one of the least evangelized regions of Thailand, with less than 0.1 percent of the population having faith in Christ. Although Thailand allows freedom of religion, most Thai feel that in order to be a “good Thai,” one must practice Buddhism. While this can lead to difficult family situations, ABWE has observed exciting transformations in our church plants. Because Thailand became a full member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in 2015, there is an even greater need for English language mastery. Teaching ESL has helped our missionaries develop deep relationships within the community, and more teachers would expand our outreach.

The Impact

Through English language training, you’ll improve the everyday lives of Thai citizens as you create opportunities to have profound discussions about faith and Christ. Share your knowledge of scripture and your God-given talents for language and teaching in Thailand, where the spiritual impact on your students may be enormous. Reach people of all ages through ESL in northeast Thailand.

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