English Teachers

The Position

Do you have the training and experience to teach English successfully? Are you a committed Christian who feels called to use your skills in ministry and mission? Our Togo team desperately needs a qualified, missions-focused instructor to teach English effectively and develop important community relationships at our Togolese Christian Middle School.

As an English teacher, you will:

  • Use your outstanding communication and classroom skills to teach English as part of a Christian education to the Togolese people, while sharing your passion for the Word of God
  • Teach daily lessons, write lesson plans, help struggling students and participate in faculty meetings and trainings
  • Develop authentic relationships with your students and their family members, and encourage conversations about faith and Jesus Christ
  • Bring the skills you developed in past teaching experiences to your work in Togo, where you will demonstrate patience, compassion and a love for people
  • Set an excellent example by living a Christian lifestyle, and sharing your testimony with those who don’t know or understand the message of Jesus Christ
The Need

Togo is located in West Africa, a geographic area characterized by poor quality of life and little access to the gospel. Muslims are the fastest growing religious group in the country and nearly one-in-three Togolese practice some form of animism. The country has seen little evangelical outreach and maintains one of the highest percentages of un-evangelized local religions in all of Africa.

ABWE began working in the country in 1974 ministering in Togo through the ministries of healthcare and education. Our vibrant ministry outreaches have expanded and now include two hospitals, a school for the visually impaired, an aquaponics farm, a Christian radio station, translation ministries, community health outreach and much more. With so many ministries and so much work to do, we need you in Togo. Will you join us?

The Impact

A Christian education is one of the most effective ways to reach and retain believers. Togolese believers requested Christian schools to help influence their children during these crucial years. As an English teacher, you’ll have an incredible opportunity to teach important skills while reinforcing a lifelong love for Christ. Please prayerfully consider joining us in Togo, where your skills can make a lasting impact on the leaders of tomorrow.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, ABWE has canceled most international travel originating from the U.S. until the State Department drops the Global Health Advisory to a Level 2 or lower. However, please email our Mobilization team at go@abwe.org to discuss service opportunities and exceptions. We would love to talk with you!​

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