English Teacher to College Students

The Position

The East Asia team is looking for native English speakers to serve with another family as an English teacher at a university. Practical requirements include an undergraduate degree and, ideally, training and experience in teaching English as a second language.

The value of this role lies in the abundant opportunities to reach out to college students and build relationships with them. With the high-pressure life of high school behind them and the busy life of work just around the corner, their time in college is usually the only time for students to think deeply about life.

What life as a university English teacher looks like:

  • Typically, 16 hours of teaching each week;
  • High amount of free time to invest in seekers and young believers;
  • A free, furnished apartment on campus where you can live or use for ministry;
  • A monthly stipend (typically $900) and airline ticket to go home during the summer.

A typical day might include:

  • Morning - teach classes
  • Afternoon - office hours, building relationships with students and other teachers
  • Evening - lead a Bible study for seekers
  • Weekly - meet with other teammates in the city for prayer and fellowship.
The Need

Asia is one of the poorest regions, with 80 percent of the world’s poorest people residing here. In addition, nearly every major non-Christian religion originated here. These belief systems continue to dominate, which impacts the political and religious lifestyles of these nations. Many Asians have yet to hear the gospel message. They comprise 95 percent of the world’s least evangelized people groups.

Many in East Asia, especially young adults, are raised with a secular mindset, but they are very open to talk about faith and are honest about their questions. There is an unprecedented need for growing discipleship and relationship among these young believers, to include clear and regular teaching on how to apply Scripture to everyday living.

The Impact

The East Asia team is striving to close the gap on the most populated continent that has the least number of Christian workers per capita. Our team needs help unifying efforts and developing team strategies for evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and leadership development to target unreached populations and ignite church-planting movements across the region.

We are currently running training centers as well as businesses in translating and publishing, tourism, and tutoring. We have found that teaching English gives us the greatest opportunities to develop relationships with students and other teachers. We invite you to join us as a university English teacher, and together as we work alongside our national partners, we will see lives transformed by the gospel.

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