Dominican Republic Medical Team Trip

Dates needed
March 11-19, 2023
The Position

On this trip, we will be doing simple clinics (no shots or procedures) in churches or a location connected to the local church. We will be treating all patients for free, while also presenting the gospel to those who give us permission.

Team Members Needed

  • 4 to 5 team members total
  • At least 2 doctors
  • At least 1 nurse
  • Other team members do not need to be medical professionals

Trip Description

During this trip to the DR, we will be in 5 churches over 5 days doing simple clinics and working with national pastors. A key component of each clinic is taking patient histories, which is done in partnership with bilingual nationals. After taking the histories, which are given to the doctors, the history takers then present the gospel to those who have given them permission. At the end of each day, we take time to debrief and pray for the next day's activities.

Ministry Support Funds: $1,200/per participant

Each trip has its own "Ministry Support" account at ABWE, to which each participant contributes. The funds cover all local travel, accommodations, meals and supplies used throughout the trip. A predetermined amount of $100, to reserve placement, is submitted when assigned to a team. The balance needs to be submitted by 45 days prior to departure. These funds may be submitted by the participant or by other on their behalf.

Airfare: Estimated cost: $1,300-$2,600

Participants are responsible for purchasing their own airfare. Information will be provided to each team member by the team leader to ensure that your ticket can be coordinated so the entire team arrives on the same flight or within 30 minutes of each other. Comprehensive details to prepare for this trip will also be communicated by the team leader.

Miscellaneous Expenses:

All first-time healthcare team trip participants must complete specific online training ($75) and each participant must purchase team specific travel/emergency insurance through ABWE. Other miscellaneous expenses may include routine vaccines and/or specific vaccinations dependent on country requirements. Instructions to complete the training and secure insurance will be given once trip assignment has been made. Special instructions for a visa for Zambia will be given to team members by the team leader.


See if you meet our qualifications for short-term team service and are in agreement with ABWE's Doctrinal Statement. If so, and you would like to apply, click "Start The Conversation" below. If you have previously applied and are interested in this trip, please contact IHM@abwe.org and place the name of the trip in the subject line.

The Impact

Use your medical skills on the mission field to heal people physically and spiritually. In our nearly 90 years of ministry, we have seen compassionate medical care soften hearts to hear the message of the gospel, changing lives for today and eternity. But we can't do this without you.

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