Argentina Healthcare Team Trip

We are looking for individuals who may or may not have a medical background and who have a desire to share the gospel via medical clinics. The team will be a balance of medical and non-medical personnel. Trip space is limited.

Uganda Healthcare Team Trip

Ministry in Uganda Dates: August 21-30, 2020. The team will be a balance of medical and non-medical personnel, doing medical evangelism out of local churches. Trip space is limited.


English Center Administrator needed to help organize a small English Center.

Pastoral Care

Spiritually healthy teammates make an impact in their communities in a lasting way by multiplying leaders, churches, & mission movements. Help each team member with their spiritual health.
6 months - 1 year

Discipleship Team Member

Come alongside other believers to listen, encourage, and guide them.

Bible Translator

Help bring the gospel to hundreds of thousands who have never heard, as a Bible translator in South Asia.

Long-Term Registered Nurses

Serve in a multi-disciplinary critical care hospital-all specialties are needed.

Guesthouse Hosts

Someone to oversee the operation of the guesthouse in Northern Togo.


Come teach, disciple and love the MK's of our Togo North team!
1-2 years

OB/GYN, Midwife

Desperate need for an OB/GYN or midwife
at least 2-3 months, preferably longer