Community Outreach Coordinators

Serve as a community outreach coordinator to help existing church members and ABWE teammates create events designed to encourage believers and nonbelievers in Czech Republic.

Church Planters

If you are ready to serve alongside other missionaries and nationals in believing that God can build His church—even in a post-Christian nation, we want you as a church planter on our France team.

OB/GYN Doctors

Medical professionals are needed in Ethiopia at a partner hospital in Soddo, Ethiopia where we believe medicine and discipleship is a way of life.
Ministry Focus


Serve as an evangelism teammate in England and bring your enthusiasm for community outreach and developing meaningful relationships.

Community Outreach Coordinators

Community outreach coordinator needed in England to welcome new believers into our church and connect people with the good news of the Jesus Christ.

ESL Teachers

We are seeking high-energy ESL teachers who can create a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere in a high-quality learning environment in Czech Republic.
Ministry Focus

Evangelism Teammates

Serve as an evangelism teammate to spread the good news of Christ with passion and energy in Czech Republic.

Music Ministry Leaders

Share your musical gifts in Costa Rica as a music ministry leader.

Youth Ministry Leaders

Develop important relationships and create outreach programs that provide support to a struggling local church as a youth ministry leader in Costa Rica.

Medical Personnel

Medical personnel needed to provide healthcare while sharing the message of Christ.
Ministry Focus


Accountant needed in Costa Rica to assist church members with accounting practices while sharing God's message of faith.

Church Planters

Serve as a church planter in Costa Rica and inspire residents to build communities defined by a personal relationship with Jesus.