Trade Training

If God has gifted you with construction, plumbing, electrical, etc. gifts - our team in Durban, South Africa would love to help you use those for God's Kingdom.

Bible Study Leaders

Come to Durban, South Africa and join our team by leading Bible Studies to various ages.

Music Instructor

Use your gifts and love of music to reach people in Durban, South Africa.

Media Specialist

The Durban, South Africa team is looking for those gifted in media to help share their ministry.

Biblical Counselors

Come use your gifts with our Durban, South Africa team in Biblical Counseling.
Ministry Focus

Theological Educators

Our Durban, South Africa team is looking for individuals to join their team in theological education.

Workplace Evangelism

Use your business gifts to impact communities in Australia.

Construction Assistance in Various Trades

The Hopitale Baptiste Biblique (HBB) medical facility in Togo is working through a multi-year, multi-phase renovation and expansion project and has several construction-related ministry opportunities available including finish carpentry, construction supervision, and masonry supervision. The team has the need to complete house renovations, expansion of the existing guest house common space and housing for medical interns by the end of 2023.
Ministry Focus

Anesthesiologists and Nurse Anesthetists

Come use your talents at our hospital in Southern Togo.
Ministry Focus

Primary Care/Medical Providers

Our hospital in Southern Togo needs primary care medical healthcare providers: Peds, IM/Peds, FM, IM, EM, PAs, and NPs.
Ministry Focus