Bible/Seminary Professors

Our team in Peru needs Bible College professors with a specialty or experience in Christian Education to join our faculty at the Baptist Theological Seminary.

MK Teachers

Make a difference in the lives of young people in Papua New Guinea as a teacher to missionary kids (MKs), while supporting mission outreach and missionary families.

Education Development Coordinator

We need an education coordinator to study culture and educational trends, visit schools and programs, train teachers, and help leaders to provide an excellent education that points to Christ.

Agricultural Development

Serve as a coordinator for developing agricultural programs that help tribal people move from slash-and-burn farming methods to stable hillside gardens and orchards.

Campus Evangelist

We need motivated campus outreach workers to evangelize and disciple university students in the Philippines.

Medical & Dental Personnel

We are seeking Physicians, Dentists, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Laboratory Technicians, Pharmacy Technicians and Medical Assistants to serve at the Ndungu Kebbeh Health Center, a rural medical clinic in The Gambia. All health care workers should have a heart for Muslim evangelism.
Ministry Focus

Agricultural Development Missionary

Agricultural development specialists are needed in South Togo to help manage an aquaponics ministry.

Leadership Trainers

As a leadership trainer, you’ll work with St. Lucia’s nationals to create and sustain strong ministries that serve practical and spiritual needs.

Church Planters

We are looking for missionary teammates to join us in building God's kingdom in Paraguay.

Missionary Teammates

Come alongside our team and national partners in the rapidly growing church-planting movement in Nicaragua.
Ministry Focus

Missionary Teammates

Our team is seeking immediate workers for our multi-faceted church-planting ministries.