Bible Translator

The Position

Do you have a desire to make the Word of God available to people in their mother tongue so that they can clearly understand what God’s message is for them? Join ABWE in The Gambia as a translator and help provide a Gambian Wolof translation of the Bible. This challenging and rewarding role will impact every aspect of ABWE’s ministry in The Gambia. God will use your work to bring the Word of God to hundreds of thousands of people who have never heard the truth about Jesus Christ in a language they can understand.

The Need

The Gambian nation is hungry for the truth. ABWE’s missionaries receive calls every week to learn more about the message of peace, love and forgiveness told by Jesus Christ. Most people in The Gambia have never clearly heard of the Jesus we know and know nothing about true Christianity. Most of the country has a Muslim background, although there are a small number of Christians and indigenous peoples. ABWE works with the unreached peoples of The Gambia and those who speak Wolof in particular. Ministering in The Gambia presents a unique and rewarding challenge. To succeed, you must be willing to learn the Wolof language and culture. The fields in Gambia are ripe for harvest. Are you ready to commit yourself to the translation of a Gambian Wolof Bible?

The Impact

It is nearly impossible to overstate the impact a Bible translation mission can have. Not only will you permanently alter the lives of those who believe what they learn from those first copies of the Gambian Wolof Bible, but those in turn will teach others. With ABWE in The Gambia, you can join our existing missions team and make an intelligible Wolof Bible available for use around The Gambia, to evangelize, disciple and prepare Gambians to lead the churches of the future.

Due to COVID-19, travel requirements for trips originating from the US vary by location. To learn more, contact us at go@abwe.org. We’d love to talk to you!

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