Agricultural Development Missionary

The Position

Do you have a green thumb, some agricultural experience or a science background with using chemicals? If you answered yes, and you have heart to work with others and bring the gospel to a needy community, we want you on our team in Togo.

The Village of Light, our school for the blind, is developing an aquaponics ministry to help fianance their ministry to handicapped Togolese children. We need a compassionate person who has agricultural skills and the ability to work on a tilapia and vegetable farm that is on our property.

Our Togolese staff needs supervision and guidance as we introduce this new system into our third-world country. By reaching out into our community through selling organic vegetables and grown tilapia, we're able to share valuable health lessons and teach others about Christ.

The Need

Togo is a small West African country, home to just over eight million people who make up at least 46 unique people groups, including many that are unreached with the saving knowledge of the gospel. Despite the prominent population of Christians (45%) and growth in followers of Islam (16%), over half of the Togolese syncretize native animistic practices and beliefs with their primary religion. Help is needed to advance the gospel, particularly among the younger generation.

Ministry opportunities in Togo have grown tremendously, and have even created a platform for outreach into neighboring countries. Whether through healthcare, education, providing Christian resources through print media and radio, or working with the growing local church to equip the next generation of national believers, there is an place for every missional skill set. Is God leading you to join us in ministry to the people of Togo?

The Impact

Togo is squarely located within the “10/40 Window,” a geographic area characterized by poor quality of life and little access to the gospel that stretches from the Middle East and Northern Africa to East Asia. More than 80 percent of Togo’s inhabitants are Muslim and nearly one-in-three Togolese practice some form of animism. The country has seen little evangelical outreach and maintains one of the highest percentages of un-evangelized local religions in all of Africa.

ABWE began working in the country in 1974 and now has more than 100 missionaries working in this small West African country, yet there is still much work to do be done. God has blessed us with an open door to plant churches, Christian school, two hospitals, and our school for the blind, but we need more workers, like you, to meet the widespread need.

Due to COVID-19, travel requirements for trips originating from the US vary by location. To learn more, contact us at go@abwe.org. We’d love to talk to you!

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